Psilocybin Transmissions

Psilocybin Transmissions is a channeled book from the Spirit of Psilocybin guiding us through their medicine offerings and what their mission is here on this planet. Scarlet wrote each word from the Spirit of Psilocybin gifting you with an abundance of light, love and joyful transmissions! The book is a trip in itself!

Veil Lifting Technologies

Guided by the Spirit of Cannabis By: Scarlet Ravin Your all-in-one guide to enter to that next level living, a step by step guide into rituals, meditations and exploration of the inner self.


Follow the Medicine

“Scarlet Ravin sees what the eyes can’t see, and hears what the ears don’t hear. She is a skilled and compassionate healer. Be prepared for much love and light from her!”
– Chris Holder, Naturopathic Doctor

You already possess all the power and potential you need to move beyond your past, live fully in the present, and create a future of your own design…

Now discover the KEY to unlocking it with speed and ease!

This book will shine light on new perspectives, and allow those new ways of seeing this world to empower you to shine as bright as possible.

Scarlet’s Little Book of Secrets

Is a book filled with intimate stories from Scarlet’s past, unique encounters along with layers of insight from a life lived to the fullest.

This is a Free Downloadable E-Book when you purchase your copy of “Follow the Medicine, Awakening Self Empowerment”