Look deep into nature and then, you’ll understand everything better.
— Albert Eintein


The BLISS NECTAR EXPERIENCE: Yoga + Cannabis + Cacao Ceremony

Join us for a journey into sacred embodiment with yoga & plant medicine allies within a ceremonial container...

May 5th, 1-4pm
703 3rd St. #250
San Rafael, CA

*Tickets required for admittance



- A lusciously paced & gentle ALL-levels hatha yoga flow with Elizabeth Bast

- Inner tantric practices for vitality and bliss

- Plant spirit meditation with sacred cannabis from Scarlet Ravin, founder of White Fox Medicine

- Organic essential oil anointments & skillful yoga touch assists *optional

- Luxurious savasana (resting pose) with curated and live music

- Ceremonial heirloom Mayan hot cacao elixir

Organic, high CBD cannabis medicines will be available from White Fox Nectars. Topicals, ingestible MCT tinctures, and vape options available. *Due to Prop. 64, this is officially a "BYO" event for adult use, however there will be several guests freely sharing White Fox products.

We are communing to practice respect for these plant allies and to help people orientate toward cannabis as a sacred plant medicine.

This is a new/old devotional way of communing with cannabis, one of humanitys oldest plant allies with whom we have co-evolved.

"Working with the spirit of cannabis within a ceremonial & devotional container has open up layers upon layers of new blessings & benefits with this profound medicine."
e. bast


EARLY BIRD price is $64 BEFORE May 1st while supplies last. AFTER May 1st or after the early bird sells out, tickets go up to $81.


SCARLET RAVIN, visionary and founder of the White Fox cannabis company, is a lifetime entrepreneur who fell in love with Cannabis at a young age. After experiencing an overdose, she found herself realigned: creating companies and making art from everything. Her path was informed by many studies of healing arts, love, and natural medicine. White Fox has both full spectrum hemp CBD & THC lines on the market featuring Ayurvedically formulated and botanically enhanced organic MCT oil tinctures, massage oils, salves, and vape pens with the highest vibrational quality alchemical, spirited, magic medicine. White Fox is a woman owned and operated company that is held by ritual and ceremony.

www.whitefoxnectars.com (BIODYNAMIC HEMP CBD LINE)

ELIZABETH BAST is the author of Heart Medicine: A True Love Story: One Couples Quest for the Sacred Iboga Medicine & the Cure for Addiction. Bast serves as a writer, certified yoga teacher, performance artist, and holistic coach specializing in entheogenic medicine integration, addiction recovery, and women's empowerment. She studied at New College of San Francisco with an emphasis on Art and Social Change. In 2014, she experienced the Missoko Bwiti initiation and rite of passage in Gabon (Africa), and has since returned to Africa multiple times for traditional shamanic studies. Bast is a 2018 recipient of a Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance grant through Cosmic Sister and their fiscal sponsor, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).







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