Playful Group Guide

Creating a platform for people to come and experience their greatest inner strength and magic has been a passion for Scarlet to offer to other beings as she has experienced hearing downloads from angels, guides and other plant spirit medicine and offering this insight to other’s has had a great amplifying of love impact on this planet.

It is a passion of hers to lead other’s back to themselves, so she creates an atmosphere charged with awakening, invites people in and offer’s plant medicine, meditation, channeled guidance or activities if that’s what is being called to be offered to the group.

Each workshop is custom tailored to the peoples being called to join.

Offerings Include:

-Woman’s workshops for self-empowerment
-Company workshops for creativity growth and positive outlook inspiration
-Sacred Medicine workshops tuning into the spirit of the plant (Cannabis/CBD)
-Couples workshops for unconditional Love expansion

Please contact Scarlet for pricing and availability, willing to travel.

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