What are your goals?

The first step in the process of awakening to our full potential is setting goals.  Tune in, feel your heart and vision what it is you want to create and how that vision makes you feel.  Goals can be centered around giving your gift to the world, attracting that perfect partner into your life, earning a certain level of income...All of these are beautiful goals and can be worked on separately or all together, the way you work best is for you to decide.  The worksheet your invited to download in the button below will guide you to tuning into your dreams and passions then visioneering those passions into reality!  It really is that simple!  Once you have set your goals, you will then have created a beautiful dream to strive towards and if you repeat this goal to yourself with feeling on a daily basis, it will manifest.  The universe will set before you a path to get you to your goal, because repeating this goal in the present tense with feeling imprints it onto your sub-conscious mind, and then it must be manifested, for that IS the law of the universe!  Happy Dreaming! 

Affirmations are one of the most fundamental ways we can change our current reality.  Our sub-conscious mind must be planted with seeds of abundance, positivity, gratitude and what we truly want in this life.  We create the goal we want to accomplish in the above Goal Sheet, and now it's time to affirm that we already have this said goal on a twice daily basis with FEELING like we already have it!  These daily affirmations will then plant incredible seeds of opportunity into our fields and the universal intelligence will then begin to attract this into our lives.  The following Discovery step was designed for you to download, print and fill out.  Part of the sheet has suggested daily affirmations that will bring abundance into your life in incredible quantities, while affirming that you are an incredible, whole individual with many gifts to give.  We must always work on loving and accepting ourselves fully in order for our full potential to manifest.


Stay tuned for more discovery steps...coming soon!


copyright 2017 / Scarlet Ravin