If you have an idea of vision of a product you want to bring to market Scarlet can assist you in connecting with other worlds to share transmissions with you for your greatest success and guide you into the market place with a branded, story filled product that will add more light and love to this world.

Each project is priced individually so please contact Scarlet if you’re interested in Branding a new product or reinventing one that is already in the market!


Over the past 15 years Scarlet has started multiple companies of her own creating all of the branding and marketing angles to stand out in the front of the market. Her company White Fox™️ received much attention in the Cannabis and CBD industry interweaving spiritual inspiring aspects with beautiful packaging and art to inspire the buyer to be greater than themselves. This wave has since grown and Scarlet is known for her ability to take your project into her heart, expand upon that and deliver something other worldly for you and the rest of the people to enjoy and of course, purchase!

The following are examples of her unique packaging design, for White Fox™️ she hired an artist to hand draw each animal allowing the medicine to really speak to the patient through symbolism, sacred geometry and an abundance of eye flattering layouts.


Psilocybin™️ is a community-based company filled with education and insight on how one can evolve through the use of entheogens, plant medicine. She created this unique chocolate bar packaging to allow people to experience the abundant nature of tapping into something greater.


Galaxy Dust Tea is another brand she developed to step into the herbal remedy market outside of Cannabis or CBD and allow her flavor of branding to expand even further into the unprohibited market of medicine. Galaxy Dust Tea is here to represent ritual around drinking tea, bringing ceremony back to the forefront of people’s minds and hearts allowing them to sink deeper into the present moment.