Transmission Channeling Public Speaking

I believe there is a Global Mission happening all around us right now.  When I step onto the stage to speak there is an energy that moves through me that has a lot to say on honoring nature spirits, tending to our healing and bringing in the remembrance of our divinity.

It’s a very beautiful felt to the bone transmission that I am here to offer as a Hollow Bone to you all.  If you wish to book me for any of the following topics I will be sure to bring more smiles and tears to your guests and deliver a speech they will never forget.

Channeling Topics

  • Cannabis and it’s healing wisdom
  • Herbal alchemy and formulating from plants spirit wisdom
  • Psilocybin and the mission of love for all
  • Star Seeds and Soul Missions
  • Light Worker Motivation
  • Caring for our Children
  • The art of Heaven on Earth
  • Opening your Eyes to Other Worlds
  • Sheer Inspiration from a Star Seed
  •  Business with Soul
  • Open to the Unknown

If you want to schedule me for a public talk please email

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