Star Seed Coaching

As we enter into the new world many Star Seeds and Light Workers are feeling the tugs of this great awakening and staying centered with loving support is very helpful.  I offer these unique beings a platform to stay centered, be seen and supported through this awakening.

Many Star Seeds are having influxes of energies come into their bodies, this can cause much pain and confusion.  In our coaching sessions we will drop into Divine Matrix Sessions and help harmonize energies that are expanding you and assist in holding space for your great awakening.

The commitment is once a week for 6 weeks and if your local to Sonoma County we can meet in person if you’re to local we can meet on Zoom.  Each session is just as powerful whether in person or over zoom, trust me.  There is no space between us, there is only deliberate intention.

I will share the following TOOLS with you to assist in your awakening and support for you to further develop your soul gifts:

  • Daily Meditation to tone your light and deepen your anchor
  • Tools for sovereign clarity
  • Tools to leave the world of co-dependency
  • Pathways to further develop your most beloved Soul Gift
  • Light Activation
  • Healing Assistance
  • Custom Herbal Alchemy Assistance
  • Plant and Animal Spirit Activations
  • Initiations into your sensory gifts – activate your intuitive abilities
  • The unfolding of the Unknown


6 weeks, 6 sessions $720

The commitment of 6 weeks really allows the process to deepen and take root, we can always do add an on to this structure if you need additional assistance or sessions to get everything gracefully illuminated.

I do always suggest weekly discoveries for you to play with so you can take what you learn from the session then apply it then we can deepen your development week after week.

If you’d like to schedule a 1:1 phone consultation to see if this assistance is right for you call or text 530-262-8262 and we can book a time to speak for 15 minutes and dive deeper on what’s best.

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