SIGNED COPY of... Follow the Medicine, Awakening Self Empowerment by Scarlet Ravin

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follow the medicine best seller cover 2.jpg

SIGNED COPY of... Follow the Medicine, Awakening Self Empowerment by Scarlet Ravin





Scarlet Ravin sees what the eyes can’t see, and hears what the ears don’t hear. She is a skilled and compassionate healer. Be prepared for much love and light from her!”
Chris Holder, Naturopathic Doctor

You already possess all the power and potential you need to move beyond your past, live fully in the present, and create a future of your own design…

Now discover the KEY to unlocking it with speed and ease!

You may have little or no control over many of the things that happen in your life. But you have utterly UNLIMITED control over your PERCEPTION of, and RELATIONSHIP to, them. Accepting this truth, and learning how to work with it, may be the most priceless gift you ever give yourself.

Follow The Medicine: Awakening Self-Empowerment is not just another book on “positive thinking” – instead, it shows you how to take full control of your life by training your mind to see the positive in ANY situation. 

It’s all about seeing Life as happening FOR you, rather than TO you, and knowing there’s a life-enhancing take-away in everything that happens – once you know where and how to find it! And that’s exactly what Scarlet Ravin teaches you to do, in a style that is uniquely her own.

Scarlet is an Intuitive Guide, entrepreneur, and author whose greatest wish is that each of us can awaken to the power we already hold inside – the power to ALTER life by changing how we SEE life. The power to produce lasting change in ANY area of our life, according to the dreams and desires we hold dear.

So if you’re hungry for more – more love, more joy, more freedom, money, fulfillment … if you’d rather be LIVING your dreams than slowly, painfully giving up on them, if you’d like to fully love yourself and know how unlimited you are, if you’d like to banish fear and anger from your heart, become the creator of your own destiny, and have the time of your life for the REST of your life…

…then grab yourself a copy of Follow The Medicine: Awakening Self-Empowerment today, and read it from cover to cover. SEVERAL times! (And while you’re at it, get a few extra copies as gifts for those people in your life who are also struggling to find, and follow, their own path to personal power.)


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About the Author

Scarlet Ravin is best known for her unique ability to see through people to their core, enabling her to bring about profound change and daily inspiration to the lives of her clients. Her way of seeing the world is indeed bringing a new world into being, through her daily work with clients all over the globe, sharing new perspectives on how they can adopt a new way of being. The readings she channels help to open new pathways for her clients, releasing old patterns and FOLLOW THE MEDICINE, AWAKENING SELF EMPOWERMENT allowing one to fully show up in abundance in the present moment. Scarlet has been traveling around the world and studying from many different teachers since 2001, and is now compiling that found information into this very book for the masses to read. Her intention has always been to understand herself, and through that understanding be able to bring about change for other people. Her profound dedication to helping others truly understand their own greatness is her core driving fuel, and she will stop at nothing to help the people of this world awaken to their full potential. She is an entrepreneur and understands the path to a successful business, having created three successful companies herself. Her ability to transform the spiritual teachings into practical daily application has helped thousands transform their lives. She enjoys spending time with her horse, running through the desert and sharing intimate time with her close friends and family. To learn more about Scarlet go to