Playful Group Guide

Coming together in a group setting can be very transformative for everyone.  I set a space for us all to come and level up whether that’s with a plant communication workshop or a workshop for your employees at work to come together creatively, we can accomplish anything.

My soul offerings in a workshop setting consist of Plant Spirit Communication where we will sip sacred dark cocoa, try the White Fox CBD and be guided into our extra sensory perceptions where I’ll activate you into seeing your plant spirit guide and learn how to hear the wisdom from plant spirits everywhere.  These workshops are limited to 5-7 guests at one time.

I founded my company White Fox Medicinals on hearing the messages from plant spirits creating an award-winning Herbal CBD company.  The plants have a lot to say and it’s all from higher dimensions filled with wisdom.  When we tune into listening to them we boost our life and the lives of other’s.

I also host a “Meet the Maker” event for companies that sell my CBD so I can connect with the people drinking my alchemy and deepen their awareness of how important it is to connect with where your medicine comes from.  As we enter into the new world of awakening we serve ourselves by slowing down, breathing the fresh air and buying local.  Connecting to the small companies that serve you brings a closer connection with you to the earth.  Honoring the people and land around you brings a softness to your heart that will feed your soul.

I specialize in visioning for companies to come back to alignment with soul work.  This can reinvigorate a company to shine brighter to the public and offer more than a commodity, offer an upliftment.  If you have a company you want fresh ideas transmitted for you I can tap into the soul of your company and look into what would be the most beneficial next steps for the highest good of all involved.  This may not be what you want to hear, but it will certainly be helpful for the world!

Each Workshop cost is dependent on size of group and location hosted, for details please email

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