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White Fox Medicinals™️ is a company I started mid 2017, however I have been formulated and cultivated the medicine for the company years before we launched and went public.  I began to utilize alchemy while mixing CBD/THC compounds with other  grounding and medicinal herbs.  What I discovered was a path towards 5th dimensional healing where I could activate healing in not just one portion of the multi-dimensional human system, but all facets.   Hence the term "5th Dimensional Healing."


I then began to combine my Matrix Energetics sessions with my medicinal line holding space for my clients to evolve on their own healing journey in a fully supported way.  Health Guidance sessions are similar to Health Coaching sessions as they are filled with inspiration, motivation and steps to take action.  I hold my clients accountable to their plan which we cultivate together and we maneuver through their intentional healing journey.





Above is a link to my website for the Medicinal company I started to help shift people from utilizing old ways of healing into a new realm of taking control of one's own health and wellness, I am all about empowerment!


If your interested in a health coaching  session please fill our the form below to request more information, and also read through my testimonials page to get a grasp on what I do with my clients.

2hr Initial Intake session      $165

30 Minute Follow up Session     $75

30 Minute Free Consult to all who are interested!

Send a message  to me if you have any questions or inquiries, the message box is just below.


"If you do what you've always done, You'll get what you've always gotten."  Tony Robbins


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