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White Fox Medicinals™️ is a company that launched November 2017, however I have been formulated and cultivated the medicine for the company years before.  Each focused effect is different and allows one to feel the subtitles of strain specific medicine and it's effect on their healing journey.  I began to utilize alchemy while mixing CBD/THC compounds with other  grounding and medicinal herbs.  What I discovered was a path towards 5th dimensional healing where I could activate healing in not just one portion of the multi-dimensional human system, but all facets.   Hence the term "5th Dimensional Healing."


Cannabis is an offered pathway to new levels of thinking, creativity and over all peace and joy which leads to healing of the body and emotions.  The human system is multi faceted like a diamond and when we want to heal something we must begin to look at every layer, the mental, emotional, physical, and of course spiritual.  It's in this spiritual layer where Cannabis works with our system able to reach the beginning of an ailment from it's seed.


The Newest Book on Cannabis about to go to print is "The Next Level, Cannabis Wisdom for this World" which holds inside of it wisdom from the spirit of Cannabis translated into a book for you to gain access to these new levels of awareness which in turn allows you to create the life you want to live riding the flow of the universe.


I love to work one on one with my patients helping them to integrate Cannabis into their life in a way that serves their healing intention.  If you would like guidance with your Cannabis journey please message me below.



Send a message  to me if you have any questions or inquiries, the message box is just below.


"If you do what you've always done, You'll get what you've always gotten."  Tony Robbins


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