Divine Matrix Sessions

I will read messages from your higher self to you while you ask questions or seek clarity on what you feel called to share. Each session is guided by you and what you’re ready to transform and can look very different from person to person.

Examples of what a session may include is:

DNA Upgrades
Past Life Regression
Messages direct from the 9th Dimensional Main Frame to Illuminate you
Clarity through Emotions
Physical Healings
Insight into new habits for betterment of self
Soul Gift Revelations
Soul Gift Amplifications
Auric Insight
Ancestral Clearing
Soul Retrieval

Sessions can range from 1-2 hours

I suggest you drink plenty of water before and after each session

Session Cost: $444

Sliding Scale for those: $150-$444

If you’d like to book a session or schedule a 15 minute consultation Please email Scarlet here

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