Guided Cannabis Gatherings

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With the Cannabis and CBD Industry Booming there is a beautiful opportunity to Educate the FUN Way!

Scarlet Ravin Guided Cannabis and CBD Gatherings consist of offering a healing safe space for individuals Cannabis/CBD curious to come and experience the medicine, guided by Scarlet then educated on it’s plentiful benefits and best ways to utilize what.

Depending on the event you want to book Scarlet offer’s three tiers of gatherings:

Scarlet Ravin Education Cannabis Evening: This event would consist of covering Scarlet’s rate (Varies to location and amount of attendees) with 3 hours of educational access to the healing benefits of Cannabis and or CBD, the chance to try the medicine for yourself then purchase your medicine of choice after the event.

In this circle Scarlet will answer any questions about the medicine, share industry inside tips of how and what to buy for what intentions and also connect heart to heart to expand this beautiful community.

Cannabis Evening (Vape included) guided by Scarlet: This package will include a vape of your choice with the entry fee, a sacred space will be created as we all join in interacting with the medicine together, and connecting with our deepest hearts desires.

Scarlet will guide you into your heart, allow high vibrations to enter the space and shift you and your healing intentions and leave you with a new imprint on the healing power of cannabis.

CBD Events (CBD medicine included) Guided by Scarlet: An evening with our organic full spectrum Hemp formulations as your entry fee will include the choosing of one of our CBD products each carefully manufactured to create a specific effect in your system. Our herbal alchemy with the CBD is a very unique and desired experience, allow Scarlet to guide us into a safe space while we ingest and feel the power this medicine holds.

You’ll be able to ask Scarlet questions and tune into how and where to buy trusted brands, what to use for what ailments and how to stay aligned with health and vitality.

Prices for these three offerings are subject to number of attendees, please contact Scarlet with any inquiry!

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