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When books of antiquity write about the magical forces that come together at just the right moment, with just the right people, to gift humanity a profound truth, a more appropriate statement couldn’t be made of this book or what is about to be presented to you.

Two mediums, from opposite sides of the country, and have never met in person, both realized the grand design within cannabis, one by being saved from breast cancer, the other by being the alchemist that grew the medicine. What has come into our receiving is the next level of medicine, knowledge, and living told through the three voices of Scarlet Ravin, Beautiful Existence and the cannabis plant itself.

Let the three of us help guide you through the experiences of facing down mortality, understanding 5th-dimensional healing, opening up to your soul’s pure bliss and bearing witness to the colorful spectrum and knowledge of the cannabis chakras.

May our co-channeled gift to humanity bring you to your path of discovery within multi-layered healing, the simplicity and necessity of elemental living, our opportunity within consciousness expansion, and the sacred blueprint linking that heals us all. See the grand design and intention of cannabis for our bodies, souls, and the world, and be prepared….

Because this is just our beginning.

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