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All The Power And Potential You Need To Move Beyond Your Past, Live Fully In The Present, And Create A Future Of Your Own Design Already Lies Deep Within You...

Now discover the KEY to unlocking it with ease!

“Scarlet Ravin sees what the eyes can’t see, and hears what the ears don’t hear. She is a skilled and compassionate healer. Be prepared for much love and light from her!”
- Chris Holder Naturopathic Doctor

Tell me – are you truly happy?
Are you at peace with your life ... your body ... your family?

Or are there things you would like to change? Are there health issues you want to heal ... relationships you’d like to improve (perhaps even with yourself)? Would pumping-up your financial situation ease some of the stress in your life? Could you use some help to overcome a painful and traumatic past?

Then take heart, dear soul, because...

ALL these things and more are within your grasp,
and about to become easier than you once thought possible!

Know this: You CAN change your life any time you choose!

You may have little control over many of the things that happen in your life but you have utterly UNLIMITED control over your PERCEPTION of, and RELATIONSHIP to, them. Accepting this truth, and learning how to work with it, may be the most priceless gift you ever give yourself.


How can we create the life we want to live? How do we heal ourselves so we can help others? What IS the key to this all happening?

“Follow the Medicine: Awakening Self-Empowerment”




Hi, I’m Scarlet Ravin – Intuitive Guide, Entrepreneur, and Author of the new guide to self- discovery, Follow the Medicine: Awakening Self-Empowerment.

And although we’ve never met, here’s one thing I do know about you: You’re already a whole, complete, beautiful being.

A flower seedling is in no way “imperfect” – it is simply not yet all it can become. It can still grow. It can still become more beautiful, and give more of itself back to the world. You’re just the same.

You are not broken, you are not useless, and you most certainly are not incapable of anything you choose to set your mind to. You have more power inside your heart than you even realize at this moment.

The simple truth, even if you don’t see it yet, is...

We need you!

Inside of you is a gift – a gift we all want and need you to develop and share with the world. For you’re the only one who has it, and it’s imperative that you stand up for it, and for yourself!

It is my heartfelt hope that Follow The Medicine will set you on that path, and guide you to that better life you crave ... and DESERVE!

“No Problem” is the whole problem!

As Tony Robbins says, “The biggest problem you have is the fact that you think you shouldn’t have problems!”

Life is practice, and the best moments of growth are not experienced in the happy easy breezy moments, but in the challenges, and the times when you are tested. Living well, and creating a life you love, is a skill – and like every other skill, you get better and better at it through repetition.

So never give up – it takes commitment, drive, and a daily choice to work on this.

Follow The Medicine is a book of encouragement, inspiration, guidance – but not a rigid set of footprints on the floor, to follow like some mail-order dance class.


Instead, think of it as a packet of seeds you sprinkle across the soil of your mind. And in time you will reap the harvest of a whole new perspective on Life in general, and YOUR life in particular.

And if some of the suggestions I make seem out-of-reach, that’s okay – I felt the same, 15 years ago. Just read this book, plant some seeds in your sub-conscious mind, and do the very best you can every day. That really is enough to produce miraculous change.

Baby steps ... or quantum leaps?

So why do I teach this way? Think of it:

If all you got was a series of small, perfectly laid-out steps ... what sort of improvement could you expect in your life? Small, precisely-spaced improvements, of course. But if I can help you adopt an entirely new perspective on, and perception of, things – a whole new way of seeing possibilities, and chasing your dreams...

Then you can begin experiencing QUANTUM leaps in your achievements, and your enjoyment of life, almost immediately!




Now tell me – which would you really prefer?
In Follow The Medicine, you’ll discover how to...



  •   Awaken your powers of insight, and tune in to the messages coming from your body which direct you on how to take care of yourself, and love yourself.

  •   Instantly and automatically shift your focus to see things as happening FOR you, rather than TO you. (Quite frankly, this is probably the greatest secret I know to maintain a positive energy flow, avoid the setbacks that accompany a negative mindset, and keep your life constantly moving forward toward your dreams.)

  •   Easily slice right through any self-imposed “disempowering identities” like a hot knife through butter – for example, as being someone who is “always in debt” or “can never find romance”.

  •  Grieve effectively ... and how to stop when it’s time to stop, and get on with things.

  •   Break free from the influence of a “bad childhood” and overcome the influence of “victim thinking”. (You’ll meet Belle – the product of a drunken father, and an absentee mother. As a child, she had never felt love, and was called stupid by her teachers – although her real problem was an inability to concentrate, understandably. Belle could’ve spent her entire adult life as a victim, blaming her situation on her upbringing. But Bell broke free of all that to eventually lead a joyful and fulfilling life ... and you’ll learn exactly how she did it in Chapter 4.)

  •   Uncover, unblock, and then live fully within your own authenticity ... which in turn sets your soul free, and leads to a deep inner sense of peace and joy.

  • Break the cycle of unfulfilling, disempowering, and even abusive relationships (because until you deal with certain underlying issues, that cycle is likely to repeat itself).

  •   Overcome even the most debilitating shyness, and gain unlimited confidence.

  • Use pain and struggle as tools for leap-frogging to greater self-discovery AND self-


  •  Activate the 6th sense – the magical key to endless manifestation. (Mind you, everyone has a different relationship to that 6th sense in their own lives, so as I explain this quality, I am going to give specific examples to help you sense what this means for YOU, not what it looks like for others!)

  •   Receive life-changing insights from “higher guidance” when you need it most

  •  Master the persistence you need to overcome ANY challenge, ANY setback, and be

    successful in any endeavor your heart desires.

  •   Open your heart – and KEEP it open – to receive all the blessings the universe has in store for you.

  •   Train your mind to instantly negate every negative thought, and replace it with a positive one – even if you’re in a rotten mood and dog-tired! (Commit to doing this for even just one week straight, and you’ll witness your life changing right before your eyes!)

    It’s not about “positive thinking”, folks

    This is not a book on how to “think positive”.

    It is a guide to training your mind to see the positive in any situation. If you can do this, you can become fully empowered, no matter how much crap Life throws at you. Yes, Life will throw you curve balls from time to time ... but never more than you can handle.

    The thing is, of course – you need to know HOW to handle it! And if you can see everything as an opportunity, then nothing can get you down for long. If you can see everything as happening FOR you rather than TO you, then you’ll be unstoppable.

    And THAT is what this book is all about.

    Together, we’ll explore:

  • The ONE KEY understanding you need to bring ANYTHING you want into your life.

  • We’ll dive into some of the more common roadblocks you might encounter that can shatter your dreams ... and how to put the pieces back together and carry on, when it happens to you.

  • The death trap of “spirituality”, and how to escape it. (To many people, “spirit” is more of an excuse, a cop-out, than the limitless source of self-empowerment it should be!)

  • The amazing power of a silent mind

  • The RIGHT way – the empowering way – to deal with people who “do you wrong” or blindside you.


  • The difference between self-empowerment and self-confidence ... and how you can use BOTH of them at the same time, to reach your goals faster than ever before

  • Where (and how) to you’ll ALWAYS find your greatest insights
    Packed with real-life examples from not just my life but those of my friends and clients too, so

    You can see what THEY faced, and how THEY got through it ...

  • Follow The Medicine even includes a downloadable workbook so you can keep all your “homework” together and organized in one handy place.




  • Let’s get one thing straight, right from the get-go:

    I have not always felt this way, and I have not always lived this way ... for I used to see my life as a constant struggle to fit in, to feel healthy, to know what the heck is happening on this planet.

    As a highly empathic individual, I’ve always been different from those around me, I always loved different things, and was drawn mostly to being alone and with animals because they never lie or hurt me. When I was just a child, most of the other kids found me quite strange, and I had a reputation as a freak (which can be a hard one to shake – you probably had at least one kid like me in YOUR school).

    Sex, drugs, and... who IS Scarlet, anyhow!?

    For many painful years, I tried to fit in with the herd. And while living this painful lie, I felt a crust harden over my heart as I gave away my power to the masses, allowing THEM to decide who I should be and what I should do with my life.

    It was overwhelming. And I had no tools to help deal with my inner self. So I simply checked out.

    I got into sex and drugs in my early teens to numb myself to the massive amount of pain I was feeling – not just from other people but from the planet, the animals, and the frustrated teachers in front of me, too.

    I won’t relate all the details of that period right here because you’ll hear all about it in my book.

    But after years of hiding from my authentic self ... after being addicted to drugs, numbing out at every chance I got, choosing to not love myself, surviving (barely) a very abusive relationship that left me with PTSD, becoming an exotic dancer at 20 – all the while, being completely lost to drugs...

    I finally hit rock bottom, and overdosed


But this also, miraculously, proved to be my greatest gift because I had drive. And I realized that if I could just re-direct that drive into another area of my life, then perhaps I could bring about a positive change, and that same drive would then carry me to new and greater heights of self- fulfillment.

I began soul-searching, traveling all over the world for more than a decade – living, studying, and working at retreat centers. I learned an incredible amount, and was finally doing “okay” – not totally happy but better.

Then I attended a Bob Proctor seminar. And what he said at that workshop changed my life. There had always been a gap in everything I had studied up to that point that made it hard to apply to everyday life. But through Bob’s teachings, I found the secret to that practical application, and my life shifted into high gear.

From that moment on, my world was mine, and I knew for the first time why I had never fit in, and why I never looked or acted like the rest of the world – I was never meant to!

Here’s one of the greatest “secrets” I’ve discovered, and which I so desperately hope you can accept:


You are not your pain, you are not your reflections onto others, you are not how others think you are or what your parents may have said you were.

You are sheer, unconditional, undeniable love. This is you at your core. This is your authentic state of being, and this is what you are when you walk through your day-to-day life.

That old attitude of “I’m so small, what sort of impact could I possibly have” is WORN OUT! It’s dead, and a new world lies before you as you step into a beautiful sense of awakening. WAKE UP!

We DO need you! We need the gift you were given, the gift that lies dormant inside you, and we ask that you shine that gift upon us.

And when you do, you’ll show others who are sleep how to awaken, and how easy it can be to walk the life THEY are here to live.

Getting to where your life is right now might not have been your fault ... but it WILL be if you choose to stay there after today.

So if you are hungry for more in your life – more love, more joy, more freedom, money, fulfillment ... if you’d rather be LIVING your dreams than slowly, painfully giving up on them, if you’d like to fully love yourself and know how unlimited you are, if you’d like to banish fear and anger from your heart, and become the creator of your own destiny...


Then join me!

Quit just “wishing it were”. It’s time to “make it so”. Order your copy of Follow The Medicine now, while it’s fresh on your mind:



And there’s even MORE in store for you when you claim your copy today...

Okay, I admit it – I’m a “life story” fanatic!

I love to read about the depth of another’s soul, and see the world from another’s eyes. And as it turns out, many of the early reviewers of Follow The Medicine feel the same way. In fact ... 90% of the feedback I received was like, “This book is wonderful, and will help so many people. But what I really want to hear more about is you and your life.”

And so – although I tend to be quite private with my “special memories” – I’ve agreed to make Scarlet’s Little Book Of Secrets available to my cherished friends and readers.

Now, I’m not saying this book will contain ALL my innermost secrets, for that would surely let too much of the cat out of the bag. But it DOES share with you moments in time when I had a huge shift in my life – with the intention that, through MY trials and tribulations, you may gain some insight that helps YOU change your ways (without having to go through as much hardship as I did).

BUT ... I’m not sharing these secret memories with “just anyone”. Oh, no! This is a HUGE leap of faith for me to commit them to paper. And so I ask YOU to take a certain leap of faith in return.

To get YOUR hands on Scarlet’s Little Book Of Secrets, all you need to do is order a copy of Follow The Medicine today, right now:

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I hope you enjoy my crazy tales and killer viewpoints, and I pray they rain insight into your heart and unfurl those wings resting on your back, for if there ever was a time to show up in your life, I am certain that time is now.

Love and blessings to you, dear one –



P.S. – Still not quite sure? Then have a listen to what others say about my methods and teaching:


“I am a bit of a skeptic. So I often hold myself in reserve ... listening. And here was Scarlet, listening to my listening. Immediately I sensed her depth, and softness of presence. Here was a healer helping me find a true sense of ease in this life. And my life has been magical ever since.”
- Jessica Rose
“I have been on an amazing journey since my last session with Scarlet. It’s been intense, rich, and transformational. I’ve gained so much clarity into my compulsive eating, drinking, smoking, and shopping. Life is now so much more pleasurable.”
- T. Y.
“Part of me tends to be avoidant, and wary of things I can’t explain. Nonetheless, during my session with Scarlet, I felt deeply seen and known on a soul level. She identified, named, and worked on patterns and truths that brought me to tears. She eased the heavy, dark, sensations I had been feeling, and left me feeling warm, light, and cleansed instead. And all this took place, incredibly enough, ON THE PHONE! In the following weeks, I felt Light and Truth sweep though my life and do some major housecleaning. Scarlet has played a significant and integral role in the shift I needed to make on a soul level, and I am deeply grateful for it.”
- Yvette E. Psychologist
“I was feeling heavy and alone. I felt I had no meaningful purpose, and I felt disconnected in most of my relationships. But the sessions I’ve had with Scarlet have given me insight into the trauma that caused my suffering. The awareness and gentle release of some of these experiences have benefited me physically and mentally. Scarlet is mindful, open-hearted, and most importantly, light and playful. I highly recommend her to ANYONE who needs to find the wisdom within to make change. Much love to you all.”
- Alejandro Urias Teacher
“Scarlet has helped me stop smoking for good this year. I’ve also heard so many good things from the people I’ve referred to her because she is such a gifted healer. I now feel great, have a love in my life, and can feel myself getting so much healthier.”
- Mark T.
“I have been dealing with cancer for a number of years. The healing energy I received during a Reiki session with Scarlet gave me the strength to continue with my treatment, and rid myself of this disease. I now have no more symptoms of cancer. Thank you Scarlet, for your part in my healing process.”
- John Fitton




“Profound and Life Changing.  This book will help you feel strong and empowered as you move forward in life.”  

Cami Walker, New York Times Best selling author of 29 gifts, How monthly giving can change your life and Creator of the movement


“Follow the Medicine is an awakening into new ways of being, eyes wide open accessing the full potential of who you are, if that’s what your seeking read this book!”

Bruce Margolin, ESQ Attorney and cannabis Legalization Attorney



“Each session with Scarlet brings awareness to emerging aspects of myself. Supported by her insight and genuine care, I carry forward a sense of empowerment to embrace the life I want to create”.

Karen Kopacz Brand Strategist & Designer


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copyright 2017 / Scarlet Ravin