I am a story teller and my healing inspires me to write.  Each level up I obtain I want to share with others. Lately my writing has been around the great awakening for star seeds and light workers.

This is a very unique time for us all to come together in our own sovereign light and support the glow for all.

My first book in 2017 was an international Best Seller called “Follow the Medicine, Awakening Self-Empowerment” and it’s a step by step guide as to how to retrieve your power in each situation life may toss at you.

My journey began with struggle, hell on earth struggle.  I was too sensitive for my own good and had no idea how to use it as a gift so I numbed out with drugs and became an introvert.  After an over dose I decided to actually see if I could live on this earth and that’s when the fun began.  I reclaimed all of me from the world that tried to break me once I found out the world was here to strengthen me.

May this book show you new eyes to see each moment as an opportunity for your greatest awakening.

My latest Book “Psilocybin Transmissions” is channeled from the spirit of Psilocybin to bring about their global mission of love for all.  This book is a step by step guide as to how to cultivate all the love in the world for yourself and how to share that with other’s so we may all illuminate together.

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Stay tuned for my next show stopper!

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