Artistic Collaborations

Having your brand present in other markets other than your primary is important which is one of Scarlet’s greatest gifts, Networking. Scarlet has the unique ability to attract in artists of all kinds to collaborate with your unique brand therefor giving your presence to other known markets and increasing your ability to obtain unique press recognition.

Each Artist Scarlet has collaborated with has increased the popularity of the brand along with opened doors to new sales via ancillary market exposure.

The Following is examples as to unique Artistic Collaborations where Scarlet found the artist, opened the door then created a formula just for their artistic medicinal offering calling is “Vibrational Imprint Tinctures” taking the vibration of the artist and offering it in tincture form then using her marketing/branding skills to tie it all together into beautiful one of a kind packaging.

Sidecar Tommy (Drummer for Beats Antique) was hired to make a song called “White Fox” to branch the company onto the music industry, then Scarlet produced, created and set designed the music vide to advertise the companies new vape launch

Chor Boogie is a world renowned artist traveling globally being paid to do his art, known as the color shaman Scarlet found him to be a perfect medicinal fit offering a tincture formula that suited his vibrational artistic medicine, she then took his art and placed it on the tincture bottle giving people a drinkable offering of his beautiful visions.

Scarlet Collaborated with famous jewelry designerSamuel Valensky to take his unique wearable earth filled jewelry and offer that medicine to the people, as Sammy V is known for his movement to save the bee’s she took his most famous necklace and created a formulation to represent Bee medicine, what came together was a unique tincture that is now sold in the hemp cbd market as well as the cannabis market.