Scarlet Ravin.

Diving deep into the galaxies that surround us Scarlet has lived a life of the road less traveled gathering bits of stardust to then share with others via books, 1 on 1 healing sessions and sharing her visions with others for their business success. For 20 years she has gathered certifications in yoga, massage, acupressure, matrix energetics and studied with many of the greatest spiritual teachers all over the world. Her unique gifts of being able to see other dimensions, speak to the spirit of plants and animals and channeling visions for others has been her offering of love to this world. Each day she strives to bring more light, love and joy to herself and everyone on this planet.

Scarlet’s individual sessions have the capacity to generate great shifts in your personal journey and if your wanting to start a business or already have a business and you need new visions and ideas to come for greater success Scarlet can also access your highest purposeful path and share that with you.

Her ability to alchemize channeled plant medicine has been life changing for many individual working on healing their physical bodies as each formula is brought from higher dimension to us here and now, they are vibrationally programmed and have the ability to touch the depths of your soul.

Her infinite downloads from spirit has infused her life as she has accessed the ability to tune into other worldy downloads and plant spirit messages. As a new chapter awakens now in 2020 the intention of traveling the world sharing these messages and downloads to awaken others to their one true remembrance of their God self is her new mission, while she also offers you the opportunity to hire her to rebrand, market and help create a sales strategy for the company you love or wish to start.

Scarlet is known for her visionary Branding and Marketing which has led her companies to the front f the market allowing multiple press mentions and forward-thinking concepts that grab the attention to the mass market. Her branding speaks to the soul, and her visions come through with a fierceness.

When we truly begin to align with nature and the cycles of life, we come into the greatest place of vitality and love.

– Scarlet Ravin

Awakening Self Empowerment

International Best Selling Author, medicinal alchemist and lover of horses Scarlet has been studying, following and creating paths in medicine for over 20 years. Bringing one back to inner peace and wholeness within themselves has been the goal. Thanks to beautiful teachers like Thomas Troward, Napoleon Hill, and other mystical beings her path has accelerated to the 10th degree coming full circle in 2017. Her book “Follow the Medicine, Awakening Self Empowerment” quickly became an international best seller in Self Help, and her company White Fox™️ offers ceremonial grade cannabis and Hemp medicine made intentionally and organically. White Fox™️ has three arms, White Fox Medicinals is our Cannabis Topical and Tincture Line, White Fox Atmospheres is our Vape Line, White Fox Nectars is our CBD Line.

Scarlet is also a Cannabis Lover! Standing up for the truth and teaching the people what this magical herb is really here to do for us. She is a direct link to higher realities and we are currently working on abolishing her stigma to allow this medicine to rest in main stream helping millions as it was always meant to be.

Scarlet Ravin

Alchemist, Channel, Healer, Galaxy Dust and devotee to Love.