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Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor and Peggy Mccoll


Scarlet Ravin
International Best Selling Author, Intuitive Guide and Medicinal Alchemist.




Awakening Self Empowerment


International Best Selling Author, medicinal alchemist and lover of horses Scarlet has been studying, following and creating paths in medicine for over 15 years.  Bringing one back to inner peace and wholeness within themselves has been the goal.  Thanks to beautiful teachers like Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, and Peggy Mccoll her path has accelerated to the 10th degree coming full circle in 2017.  With a book coming out "Follow the Medicine, Awakening Self Empowerment" and another Medicinal company release this seems to be quite an exciting summer here at scarletravin.com!

Scarlet offer's intuitive guidance  sessions to tune into your field and access the root of the 'problem' that may be holding you back from reaching your highest potential.  Through coaching, inspiring and training you will leave each session with a new sense of purpose and more access to your full potential!

Scarlet also has a blog where you can  "Ask Scarlet" a question your tumbling with in order to gain insight into new perspectives that will shift the way you see the world.  Join Scarlet on a beautiful journey to awakening yourself to your highest and most abundant potential, for you can have everything your heart desires in this life!  



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