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Scarlet Ravin
International Best Selling Author, Cannabis Voice and Medicinal Alchemist.




Awakening Self Empowerment


International Best Selling Author, medicinal alchemist and lover of horses Scarlet has been studying, following and creating paths in medicine for over 15 years.  Bringing one back to inner peace and wholeness within themselves has been the goal.  Thanks to beautiful teachers like Thomas Troward, Napoleon Hill, and other mystical beings her path has accelerated to the 10th degree coming full circle in 2017.  Her book "Follow the Medicine, Awakening Self Empowerment" quickly became an international best seller in Self Help, and her company White Fox Medicinals offers ceremonial grade cannabis medicine made intentionally and organically.  Check out White Fox Medicinals HERE.


Scarlet is also a Cannabis Lover!  Standing up for the  truth and teaching the people what this magical herb is really here to do for us.  She is a direct link to higher realities and we are currently working on abolishing her stigma to allow this medicine to rest in main stream helping millions as it was always meant to be.  



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