Star Seed Coaching

As we enter into the new world many Star Seeds and Light Workers are feeling the tugs of this great awakening and staying centered with loving support is very helpful.  I offer these unique beings a platform to stay centered, be seen and supported through this awakening.


Public Speaking Session

I believe there is a Global Mission happening all around us right now.  When I step onto the stage to speak there is an energy that moves through me that has a lot to say on honoring nature spirits, tending to our healing and bringing in the remembrance of our divinity.

Divine Matrix Sessions

You have a destiny on this earth, your soul craves to fully align with your soul gift and share that with the world.  When you don’t fully embody your gifts, you feel pain and suffering, these sessions are truly meant to help star seeds and light workers find their true soul gift and start to illuminate the rest of the world.

Playful Group Guide

Coming together in a group setting can be very transformative for everyone.  I set a space for us all to come and level up whether that’s with a plant communication workshop or a workshop for your employees at work to come together creatively, we can accomplish anything.

White Fox™️ Alchemy

I Started White Fox™️ back in 2007 as my Holistic Health practice where I did massage, reiki, readings and other herbal alchemy.  I began to add in Cannabis and CBD and made my clients custom herbal formulations specific for their healing.  I noticed quickly that Cannabis and CBD can really speed up healing when you add other herbs…

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