What ever we plant in our sub-conscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.
— Earl Nightengale

Awaken to the abundant potential inside of yourself...

Nothing is impossible, nothing.  Whatever it is your working on in this life, you can achieve.   Scarlet is an author, medicinal alchemist and does readings utilizing skills from  Matrix Energetics combined with the 100 year old teachings from Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins to uplift you to your highest potential!  After traveling and studying with many different teachers for over 15 years it's both an honor and a blessing for her to share her gifts with the world, inspiring thousands to change thier lives and live the life they have always truly desired!


"Follow the Medicine, Awakening Self Empowerment"

International Best Seller and #1 in Self Help!

Profound and Life Changing.  This book will help you feel strong and empowered as you move forward in life.” 

Cami Walker, New York Times Best selling author of 29 gifts, How monthly giving can change your life and Creator of the 29gifts.org movement


"In her book, follow the medicine--awakening self-empowerment, Scarlet Ravin did an excellent job of integrating many perennial wisdoms regarding the power of mental focus, with her own life-experience, anchoring these ancient truths in everyday reality.  I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to maximize their highest potential while manifesting their own life purpose."

Joseph Cavanaugh,  MS, MFT and Author of “Who Am I really, How our wounds can lead to healing”


“Follow the Medicine is an awakening into new ways of being, eyes wide open accessing the full potential of who you are, if that’s what your seeking read this book!”

Bruce Margolin, ESQ Attorney and cannabis Legalization Attorney






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